Diagnostic casts dentistry

Diagnostic casts dentistry

What is a diagnostic cast in dentistry?

A diagnostic dental cast is a cast model of a person’s teeth that a dental professional uses as a guide in the application of corrective or restorative dentistry . Such diagnostic casts are often referred to as study models. To do this, you may be asked to rest your upper teeth on a tongue depressor for several minutes.

What are diagnostic casts used for?

The diagnostic cast helps the dentist to evaluate the condition of the patient’s oral condition and for the diagnostic purposes. Casts may also be used as education tools for dentists as they explain characteristics of a patient’s bite or particular dental needs.

Why is it necessary to prepare a diagnostic cast properly?

Diagnostic casts are valuable for research purposes and forensic information as they provide observable, precise geometry of the teeth and jaws. Occlusion constantly changes, and comparison of the changes on stone casts provide valuable information to the practitioner and can be used to educate the patient. Fig.

What are study models used for in dentistry?

Study models provide vital information about your patient’s teeth and occlusion. They are an essential diagnostic aid when planning cosmetic dentistry , oral surgery, and orthodontics. A good study model can be very useful for patient education, allowing them to visualize the treatment process.

What is die in dentistry?

The die is the positive reproduction of the prepared tooth and consists of a suitable hard substance of sufficient accuracy (usually an improved stone, resin, or metal) (Fig. The accuracy of a cast and die is a function of the completeness and accuracy of the impression.

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What do dentists use to make a mold of teeth?

In order to make a dental impression, a thick liquid material, such as alginate or polyvinylsiloxane, is dispensed into an impression tray that is shaped like a U in order to properly fit into a mouth. Alginate is found within the cell walls of brown seaweeds.

What is dental Code D0470?

According to the ADA D0470 diagnostic casts are billable anytime diagnostic aides are needed or required for the treatment of specific procedures (i.e. orthodontia, TMJ disorders, Orthognathic Surgery, etc.). This code would be inappropriate for impressions and bite registration if diagnostic casts are not created.

What is a dental diagnostic wax up?

A diagnostic wax – up is a dental diagnostic procedure in which planned restorations are developed in wax on a diagnostic cast to determine optimal clinical and laboratory procedures necessary to achieve the desired esthetics and function.

What is primary cast?

PRIMARY CAST : Made according to a primary impression. Special tray is constructed onto it (after. outlining the borders of the special tray at the dental office)

What is the purpose and uses of study casts?

Positive reproduction of teeth and surrounding structures for the purpose of study and treatment planning ; created by pouring to allow an impression in plaster or stone.

What are dental casts made of?

Dental models/ casts are accurate, three-dimensional replicas of a patient’s teeth that are made by pouring dental plaster or acrylic into impressions (imprints, or molds) of the teeth, and allowing it to harden.

How long should dental study models be kept?

For adults it is recommended that treatment notes, radiographs, study models and correspondence be kept for minimum of 11 years after the completion of treatment. For children, records should be retained until the patient is 25 years old, or for 11 years after the completion of treatment, whichever is longer.

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Why are photographs used in dentistry?

The main purpose of taking clinical photographs in dentistry is to make an accurate record of the clinical findings in a patient’s mouth. The photographs are useful to both the clinician and the patient, and can be used in a number of ways: They can be used as motivational tool for patients during treatment.

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