Alaska dentistry for kids

Alaska dentistry for kids

Should my child go to a pediatric dentist?

While a family dentist can certainly care for your child’s teeth and help prevent cavities, they cannot provide the same specialized care your child would receive at a pediatric dentist . In the same way that you would take a child to visit a pediatrician , we always recommend taking your child to a pediatric dentist .

Does Alaska have a dental school?

There are no accredited dental schools in Alaska . To learn about schools in the US, contact the Alaska Dental Society office below.

How long should a child go to a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist typically sees children from an age range of 6 months old until their final adult teeth have come in. A child will continue to develop adult teeth until they are 12 or 13 years of age. Many parents opt to have their children continue to see a pediatric dentist into their teenage years.

Does Denali KidCare cover dental?

Which dental services are covered by Medicaid/ Denali KidCare ? Children (age 0 to 21) — Emergency, routine, and preventative services adequate to restore and maintain dental function are covered for children. Exam, X-ray, scaling, polishing, fluoride treatments and sealants are covered .

Can a 3 year old go to the dentist?

A common question new parents ask is, “How soon should I take my child to the dentist ?” According to the American Association of Pediatric Dentists , it’s recommended that kids go in for their first oral health checkup when their baby teeth first begin to emerge or by the time their first birthday comes around.

Are pediatric dentists more expensive?

For these reasons, and plenty of others, pediatric dentistry may often be more expensive than general dentistry . But, these increased costs reflect the extra training, specialized equipment, and experience that pediatric dentists have.

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Can adults go to pediatric dentist?

All pediatric dentists receive EXTRA training for dealing with children and early development issues with teeth. The extra training they receive is in ADDITION to the normal training regular dentists receive. So yes, as an adult you’re in perfectly capable hands seeing a Pediatric or Family Dentist .

What is the difference between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist?

The main difference between the two is that a pediatric dentist specializes in dentistry for children and a general dentist does not. Like orthodontists or periodontists, pediatric dentists have special training and education that make them more qualified to work with kids than other dental professionals may be.

How do you specialize in pediatric dentistry?

In order to specialize in pediatric dentistry , a two-year residency program is required after graduating from dental school. During the time of the residency, dentists will gain clinical experience and learn specialized skills related to young patients.

How do I apply for Denali kids care?

The fastest way to apply for Medicaid benefits is through Individuals may also apply by submitting an Application for Services (GEN 50C) via fax, mail, or in-person to any Public Assistance office. Options are listed on our Medicaid page.

What is considered low income in Alaska?

Resident Low Income Licenses

2020 Poverty Guidelines for Alaska
Persons in Family/Household Family Gross Annual Income
1 $15,600
2 $21,130
3 $26,660

How do I apply for Denali care?

Denali KidCare is for youth under the age of 19. Apply the fastest way to see if you’re covered. Complete a paper Application for Services and send by mail, fax, in-person, or through a fee agent. Visit and Click on ARIES Self-Service Portal under Services for Individuals.

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