United concordia dentist near me

United concordia dentist near me

Is United Concordia Dental good?

We have award-winning, dedicated customer service that provides a 93% satisfaction rate. We value smiles and budgets! United Concordia Dental’s federal dental insurance plan not only ensures good oral health, it can also help save you time and money. Click here to view your monthly premium by zip code.

How do I find a dentist in my network?

It’s easy to find a dentist Coverage type. Select the type of coverage you have or are considering (E.g., DHMO/ dental HMO, PPO, etc.). ZIP code. Type in your ZIP code. Network (or plan) name. Choose the name of your network plan. Search by name or specialty. Enter the name of a dentist or the kind of specialist you need.

Is United Concordia the same as Tricare?

United Concordia Companies, Inc. today announced that it has been awarded a five-year contract by the Department of Defense (DoD) to administer the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP). The new contract takes effect on Feb. 1, 2017, and is the world’s largest voluntary dental plan.

Does United Concordia pay for implants?

Concordia Preferred (PPO) These plan designs offer the most comprehensive dental coverage to complete a health care package along with design flexibility including high and flexible annual maximum options and implant and orthodontic benefit coverage.

Does United Concordia cover cleaning?

Cleaning frequency tells you how often your routine cleanings and exams are covered by your insurance. Frequency and amount of coverage can vary depending on your plan.

2 cleanings in 12 months
2 in a calendar year
1 in 6 consecutive months
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What type of insurance is United Concordia?

United Concordia Dental offers Active PPO , Passive PPO and DHMO plans in a variety of funding alternatives. PPO plans let members see any licensed dentist providing a difference between in and out-of-network savings, while DHMO 1 plans can offer cost savings with an in-network only plan.

Is Delta Dental A good insurance?

Best for Families on a Budget: Delta Dental Insurance Delta Dental is the largest provider of dental benefits in the United States and has a network of over 155,000 practicing dentists nationwide. Delta Dental PPO: This is the company’s preferred-provider option program.

Can I go to an out of network dentist?

While patients are free to choose a dental provider within the network , many plans also allow patients to seek a dentist outside of the network . Patients who opt for an out of network dentist are often able to use the available benefits from within their existing dental insurance plan to help offset costs.

How much is Delta Dental monthly?

As an example, during 2019, Delta Dental of Washington offered dental insurance on the private market starting at a monthly cost of around $26 for an individual and $122 for a family of four*. *These premium amounts are actual examples for certain specific plans offered in 2019 only.

What does Concordia dental insurance cover?

United Concordia Dental pays 100% of the program allowance for covered services specifically related to accidental dental injuries up to a lifetime maximum of $2,000. This benefit is separate from the services covered under the unlimited annual maximum.

How much is Tricare Dental per month?


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Sponsor’s Military Status Type of Enrollment
Active Duty Single: $11.60 Family: $30.15
Selected Reserve and IRR (Mobilized Only) Sponsor Only: $11.60 Single: $28.99 Family: $75.37 Sponsor & Family: $86.97
IRR (Non-mobilized) Sponsor Only: $28.99 Single: $28.99 Family: $75.37 Sponsor & Family: $103.36

Does United Concordia cover anesthesia?

General Anesthesia 60% • Deep sedation/general anesthesia and intravenous conscious sedation are covered (by report) only when provided in connection with a covered procedure(s) and determined to be medically or dentally necessary.

Will United Concordia pay for braces for adults?

United Concordia will cover the other 50%, up to the annual and lifetime caps. The orthodontist must submit a schedule and an expected cost plan before braces are banded. Orthodontic treatment coverage includes placing the braces , regular visits and check-ups, adjustments, and measuring for a retainer (if needed).

Which dental plan covers the most?

Best Overall: Cigna You can purchase a plan that includes coverage for restorative care and orthodontic care. All Cigna dental insurance covers preventative care with no deductibles or copayments. Broad network of over 93,000 dentists available nationwide.

Does United Concordia have a waiting period?

The High Option plan offers immediate benefits for diagnostic and preventive services, basic and major services. Orthodontic services are available on the High Option plan for dependent children up to age 19. There is a 12-month waiting period for orthodontic services.

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