Staywell dentist near me

Staywell dentist near me

What does Staywell cover?

Staywell Health Plan ( Staywell ) provides health care and long-term care services to people who qualify for Florida Medicaid. Managed Medical Assistance (MMA): Provides health care services like doctor visits and emergency care and covers prescription drugs.

Is Staywell and WellCare the same?

Wellcare Health Plans, Inc. is the holding company for several subsidiaries, including WellCare , Meridian Health Plan, Staywell Health Plan, ‘Ohana Health Plan, Care1st Health Plan Arizona and Missouri Care, among others.

What does WellCare cover for dental?

Dental Care Members get up to two routine dental exams per year. This covers cleaning and restorative care, such as fillings and dentures. Members must see a dentist that is in the plan’s network. If a specific dental service is needed that requires prior authorization, the dentist must contact Healthplex.

Does WellCare cover dental for adults in KY?

Dental service provider coverage for adults is limited but includes oral exams, emergency visits, X-rays, extractions and fillings. Dental coverage for children includes oral exams, emergency visits, x-rays, extractions, and fillings.

How do I get free stuff from WellCare?

Free OTC (Over-The-Counter) Items Get $10 a month in free items mailed to your home. Sign in to order online or by phone at 1-877-389-9457 (TTY 711). The Over-the-Counter Catalog includes a detailed list of available items from allergy medications to sunblock to vitamins.

Which is the best Medicaid plan in Florida?

NCQA Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2017-2018 – Summary Report (Medicaid)

Rating Plan Name Prevention
4.0 Coventry Health Care of Florida, Inc. d/b/a Aetna Better Health of Florida 3.5
3.5 AMERIGROUP Florida, Inc . 3.0
3.5 Humana Medical Plan, Inc. (Florida) 3.0
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How do I order over the counter WellCare?

It’s easy. Just login to your account and select “ Over the Counter ( OTC ) Items.” If you don’t have an account, you can register at https://georgia. wellcare .com/registration/member. You can also order OTC by phone. Call us at 1-866-231-1821 (TTY 1-877-247-6272).

Does WellCare cover hospital stays?

If You Have a Hospital Stay Facility fee (e.g., hospital room) $0 co-pay Not Covered Prior authorization may be required. If You Need Mental Health, Behavioral Health or Substance Abuse Services Outpatient services $0 co-pay Not Covered Prior authorization may be required.

Is WellCare and Medicaid the same?

WellCare provides managed care services through Medicaid , Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans.

How can I get Medicaid to pay for dental implants?

Dental implants will be covered by Medicaid when medically necessary. Prior approval requests for implants must have supporting documentation from the patient’s physician and dentist . A letter from the patient’s physician must explain how implants will alleviate the patient’s medical condition.

Does WellCare pay for root canals?

One diagnostic service is also included as well as one restorative service every two years. The dental benefits on this plan include coverage for a deep cleaning, filling, dentures or a bridge or a crown and a root canal .

Does WellCare have a deductible?

The WellCare Medicare Rx Value Plus is the priciest of the plans, with a monthly premium of $74.60, but there is no deductible for drugs on any tier. If you don’t have a CVS Caremark pharmacy near you, you’ll pay a copay of $5 or more, depending on the drug’s tier.

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How can I get dentures with no money?

If you need financial assistance for dentures , the Dental Lifeline Network can help. The nonprofit provides dental care to the elderly, disabled, and those with a medical need via their Donated Dental Services program. Clinics are available in every state, and services are comprehensive.

Does Medicaid in Ky pay for dentures?

In Kentucky , qualifying adults over the age of 21 may only be eligible to receive routine or emergency dental services through Medicaid . Dentures do not typically qualify under routine or emergency oral care.

Can you get teeth implants with Medicaid?

Unfortunately, neither Medicare nor Medicaid covers dental implants for low-income families or seniors in our state. This is a major problem as many seniors suffer from severe dental problems and have no means of remedying them without health insurance covering them.

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