Dentist sic code

Dentist sic code

What is SIC code 8742?

Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing operating counsel and assistance to managements of private, nonprofit, and public organizations.

What is SIC code 8741?

Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing general or specialized management services on a day to day basis and on a contract or fee basis. Establishments in this industry do not provide operating staff.

What is SIC code 6512?

Establishments primarily engaged in the operation of nonresidential buildings.

What is SIC code 70229?

SIC Code 70229 : Management consultancy activities (other than financial management)

What is SIC code 7371?

Establishments primarily engaged in providing computer programming services on a contract or fee basis.

How do I find an SIC code?

How do I Determine the SIC Number for a Company? U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA Website. You can search for a SIC code by entering a keyword in the search box or by clicking on the ” SIC Manual” link which takes you to the 1987 edition of the Manual. NAICS & SIC Identification Tools of the NAICS Association.

What is the SIC code for real estate?

SIC code 6531 is used by Real Estate Agents and Managers. The types of businesses using SIC code 6531 might include real estate agents and brokers, rental and escrow agents.

What is the SIC code for property investment?

SIC code 68209 is for the letting and operating of own or leased real estate . In other words, for buying and holding property and renting it out. So if you are buying a property to hold as an investment (single BTLs or HMOs) or if you are using Rent to Rent strategy this will be the SIC code for your company.

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What is lessors of nonresidential buildings?

The Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses) industry includes companies primarily engaged in acting as lessons of buildings (except miniwarehouses and self-storage units) that are not used as residences or dwellings.

Can a company have 2 SIC codes?

Companies can have more than one SIC code so that they can reflect the different activities that they do. They will then have to confirm that their SIC codes are still relevant each year. If you are doing a company formation through The Company Warehouse you will be given a searchable list of SIC codes to pick from.

What is SIC code 98000?


How do I change my company’s SIC code?

There’s one way to update your company’s SIC code ; you need to file a confirmation statement. You can either wait until your confirmation statement is due (a company’s first confirmation statement is due 1-year and 14-days after incorporation) or you can file an early confirmation statement.

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