Dentist papoose board

Dentist papoose board

What is a dental Papoose?

A papoose board is a temporary medical stabilization board used to limit a patient’s movement to decrease risk of injury while allowing safe completion of dental treatment. Protective stabilization also known as a papoose board is used only when necessary.

What is protective stabilization?

Protective stabilization is the term utilized in dentistry for the physical limitation of a patient’s movement by a person or restrictive equipment, materials or devices for a finite period of time6 in order to safely provide examination, diagnosis, and/or treatment.

What is a board certified pediatric dentist?

What is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist ? A pediatric dentist who has completed a graduate program accredited by CODA (Commission on Dental Accreditation) in the specialty of pediatric dentistry .

How do you papoose a child?

With reassurance from the parent, the child is then placed on the parent’s lap. The parent’s arms are then wrapped around the child’s arms, and their hands placed over the child’s hands. The parent’s legs are then positioned over the child’s legs. This forms the parental papoose , immobilizing the child (Figure 2).

Do Dentists need to be board certified?

It is not a requirement for dentists to achieve a board certification , so when you’re working with a dentist who has accomplished this reputable achievement, you’re working with an expert who cares about giving you the best.

What is a papoose baby?

Papoose (from the Algonquian papoose , meaning ” child “) is an American English loanword whose present meaning is “a Native American child ” (regardless of tribe) or, even more generally, any child , usually used as a term of endearment, often in the context of the child’s mother.

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What is sometimes used to restrain a child during dental treatment?

A papoose board is a cushioned board with fabric Velcro straps that can be used to help limit a patient’s movement and hold them steady during the medical procedure. Sometimes oral, IV or gas sedation such as nitrous oxide will be used to calm the patient prior to or during use .

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