David goes to the dentist

David goes to the dentist

What happened to David after dentist?

On Friday night, he received his acceptance to the University of Florida’s class of 2023. “Yes, this is real life!” David’s dad, also named David Devore, wrote on the ” David After Dentist ” Instagram account. ” David found out he is officially a Gator today! So proud of him.”

Is this real life David After Dentist?

“Yeah, this is real life ,” his dad replied. “ David After Dentist ” is what we now call a viral video. David’s father uploaded it to YouTube on a whim one Friday afternoon in 2009, seven months after the video was taken. Before the recession, he’d worked in real estate, but now he was a stay-at-home dad.

How much money did David After Dentist make?

David Devore—whose laughing gas YouTube video went viral—earned his family $150,000 from his fleeting internet fame.

How old is David after the dentist now?

David DeVore was 7 years old at the time of the video in 2009. Now 18, he’s been admitted to University of Florida’s Innovation Academy.

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