Crocodile dentist game

Crocodile dentist game

How does the crocodile dentist game work?

The goal of the game is to press down on the plastic teeth from a crocodile toy’s mouth. If the “sore tooth ” is pressed, the mouth will snap shut and lunge toward whoever pulled the sore tooth , and the person who caused the mouth to shut is the loser.

How do you play the Crocodile game?

Choose a child to be Mr Crocodile . The rest of the children line up on the other side of the pretend “river”. They then begin to ask Mr Crocodile if they can cross the river (by saying a rhyme). HEY MR CROCODILE , CAN WE CROSS THE RIVER, TO SEE YOUR LOVELY DAUGHTER, FLOATING IN THE WATER, LIKE A CUP AND SAUCER.

Does Crocodile Dentist have a pattern?

As you push down each of the 13 teeth, there is a chance that the crocodile’s mouth will snap close. What we wanted to know is if there is a pattern of which tooth sets off the crocodile , if it happened after pressing a certain number down or if it was consistently one or two teeth. Crocodile Dentist .

Game # Tooth #
12 1
13 5
14 4
15 3

Does Crocodile Dentist need batteries?

Crocodile Dentist doesn’t require a single battery , charge, plug, or swipe.

Can we cross the river Mr Crocodile?

The rest stand on one bank calling: “Please, Mr . Crocodile , can we cross the river ?” Mr . Crocodile replies: “Yes, you can if you have/are wearing something (e.g. blue) on.”

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