How long to wear retainer after braces

How long to wear retainer after braces

When can I stop wearing my retainers?

As your chompers move, they leave behind gaps in the surrounding bone and other tissue. A set of retainers will hold your teeth in place while your tissue catches up. This is why it’s important to wear your retainers full-time for the first 3-6 months. The bad news is your teeth are always moving.

Will I have to wear a retainer forever?

The general rule of thumb is that you should wear your retainer for a little longer than you wore your braces for. For instance, if you had your braces on for a year then you’ ll want to wear your retainer as often as possible for a little over a year before considering a reduction.

What happens if you don’t wear your retainer for one night?

When you forget to wear your retainer at night , you run the risk of losing your straight smile and all the time spent wearing your braces. However, if you only forget to wear your retainer for a night , likely the visible appearance of your teeth won’t change right away but can if this continues to happen .

Will wearing your retainer move your teeth back?

Your teeth will naturally be inclined to move back to their original positions after your braces or aligners are taken out. This is especially true for the first two weeks after your braces are out, but it remains true afterward as well. Some patients may simply forget to wear their retainer .

Can I stop wearing my retainer after 2 years?

Retainers keep your smile in place when active treatment is complete and adults need to wear their retainers for life, but adolescents may be able to stop wearing them after about 10 years .

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Can you force your retainer to fit again?

If this happens, you can schedule a visit with your orthodontist for a retainer appointment. The doctor can either adjust your retainer so that it fits again , or fit you for a new retainer to replace the one that no longer fits .

Will my teeth shift without retainer for 2 weeks?

Rule of thumb is: you have to wear your retainers for as long as you want them to be straight for. Your teeth begin to shift if you don’t wear retainers at night every day. If you go a week without wearing retainers , you may notice a small amount of relapse, small spaces, or rotations.

Can I just wear my retainer at night?

After eight weeks of wearing your retainers for half of each day, with the approval of your orthodontist, you can begin wearing your retainers at night only. Wearing them more often than just at night is never a bad thing though, as long as you’re taking them out to eat and cleaning them properly.

Can I get braces at 30?

Lots of adults either didn’t get braces when they were children or didn’t complete their treatment including the well-known retainer which stabilizes realigned teeth. You may be wondering, “ can I get braces in my 30’s ?” You can , and many people do !

Should I wear my retainer if it hurts?

Do retainers hurt ? At first, it may feel a bit uncomfortable to wear a retainer because your mouth simply isn’t used to it. After a few days, however, any pressure and discomfort should subside and you should forget that you’re even wearing your retainer .

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Can orthodontists tell if you don’t wear your retainer?

Not only do you have to wear a retainer after you complete your treatment, but your orthodontist will definitely know if you ‘ve really been keeping up with it.

What happens if you don’t use retainers after braces?

Going a year without wearing a retainer means that your teeth will have continued to move back to their original position and may even be crooked. The solution may be to restart treatment with braces . Keeping your teeth straight can be as simple as wearing your retainer after getting your braces off.

Can my old retainer re straighten my teeth?

In most cases, wearing an old retainer can realign your smile so long as your teeth have not shifted into an entirely new position. As a rule of thumb, wearing an old retainer should not be an issue so long as it still fits without needing to apply any force while inserting it over your teeth .

Can tight retainer damage your teeth?

Wearing a noticeably ill-fitting retainer can cause damage to the surface of the teeth , so be sure and contact us about being fitted for a new one if you can no longer wear yours comfortably.

Should I wear my retainer if I haven’t worn it in a while?

I haven’t worn my retainer in a few months. If you try to force your retainer in, you might really hurt yourself. You should make an appointment with your orthodontist, unfortunately if your teeth have shifted too far, you might need an orthodontic treatment again.

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