damon braces reviews

damon braces reviews

Are Damon braces really better?

Since Damon Braces are self-ligating, the teeth are more adaptable to movement. They are much more gentle on teeth and sensitive mouth tissue, allowing for faster and more comfortable treatment. Plus, the minimal and elastic-free design of Damon Braces attracts less plaque and makes brushing and flossing easier!

Do Damon braces work faster?

The company that makes Damon does not have a special agreement with your teeth so that their braces will straighten your teeth any faster .

Are Damon braces more expensive?

Traditional braces can certainly hurt, but the Damon braces treatment can cause less discomfort and pain. Another difference is that Damon System braces on average cost more than traditional braces , with Damon braces prices between $3,800 and $8,000, whereas traditional metal braces cost between $2,500 and $7,500.

How much do Damon braces cost?

There’s no flat rate for traditional Damon braces. It all depends on how many office visits and what types of appliances your condition requires. In most cases, Damon braces cost somewhere between $4,000 and $8,000 and usually fall around $6,000.

How fast do teeth move with Damon braces?

Because of this, Damon Braces are often able to straighten the teeth up to 30% faster than traditional orthodontics . Plus, this system is able to address certain orthodontic issues normal braces typically can’t on their own, such as widening the upper jaw.

Do Damon braces hurt more?

Q: Will Damon Braces hurt ? A: Because your teeth will be adjusting you may feel some discomfort at times, but, because of the slide mechanism, Damon Braces move your teeth without strong force or friction. Your teeth will slide easily into your perfect smile over time.

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Do Damon braces widen your smile?

Damon Braces do a lot more than make your teeth straight. They widen your arches giving a fuller, more pleasing smile than traditional braces . Damon Braces also remove the need to get teeth extracted, which is welcome news for everyone.

Which braces work the fastest?

Invisalign . Another quick and fast option is Invisalign . These invisible braces have rapidly become a favourite among our patients that have misaligned teeth. Not only do they deliver results in a shorter time compared to traditional braces, but they are also very convenient thanks to the fact that they are invisible.

How often are Damon braces tightened?

With the Damon ® System, we do not tighten your braces , just change your wires. Some slight discomfort may be present the first 3-5 days after each adjustment, but this can be alleviated with Tylenol or Advil.

What is Damon smile?

What is a Damon Smile ? Unlike conventional braces, the Damon System uses gentle forces designed to protect the health of your teeth and gums while in treatment. ¹ Having the teeth upright and aligned into a smile “arc” can also add to a smile’s appeal. We call this a Damon Smile .

Which is better Damon braces or Invisalign?

We can use Damon braces to treat even the most severe orthodontic conditions, and Damon braces are also more cost-effective than other forms of treatment. Invisalign treatment is generally shorter than treatment with braces , but the difference is less pronounced when comparing them to Damon braces .

Are getting braces worth it?

Given these serious health risks, many adults see braces as a valuable investment in their long-term health. Decades of straight teeth and drastically improved oral and physical health are well worth a few years of awkwardness, expense, and occasional discomfort.

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How long do clear braces take?

Average treatment time for most aligner cases is 6 months, with some cases finishing faster and others taking a few additional months. Overall, Invisible Aligner Treatment typically takes about 12 months to complete, though the length of treatment is dependent on the severity of your case.

Which kind of braces are best?

Investing in high quality braces and materials will lead to the best, fastest, healthiest results. TRADITIONAL METAL BRACES . Traditional braces, made from high-grade stainless steel, are the most common type of braces. SELF-LIGATING BRACES (DAMON OR SPEED SYSTEM) CLEAR (CERAMIC) BRACES. CLEAR ALIGNERS . LINGUAL BRACES .

Are Damon braces colored?

Can You Get Colors on Damon Braces ? So, even though Damon braces don’t require elastics, the doctors can still place a colored elastic underneath the archwire for patients who want to personalize and decorate their braces . We offer a wide variety of colored elastics, so patients can choose their favorite one.

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